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A handmade universe...

In Folcklor Latino® we create a vast universe of artistic handmade pieces, with the passion and style which allow us to experiment how the raw materials soften as a mass in our hands... and that way, with ancient wisdom, our spirit capture the beauty that overflows each piece.

   Because we love what we do, we have the honor to give you in every single brushstroke, every color, every texture, just a little bit of the land you love, the happy singing of your roots, the essential spirit that we own...

   The special appreciation of the human talent of our team of artists, with the pleasant atmosphere of fellowship and the respect that characterizes us are the pillars that allow us to achieve international quality.

Folcklor Latino®...with passion and style...

Pedro Moreno #162 Col. Centro,CP. 45400, Tonalá, Jalisco, México.

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