About Us

To express all that we feel and share the riches of an identity within us: Folcklor Latino®

   We are a comprehensive consulting firm in the field of decorative setting, with extensive experience in the design and manufacture of original artistic products of excellent quality, atotally handmade process with latin taste and styles.

   Bringing complete solutions to all the recurrent problems faced by our customers who have decided to execute their decorative projects, especially abroad. Through a wide selection of exclusive products and a range of comprehensive services, designed especially for our customers of restaurant, hotel and decoration sector, we provide everything for your current and future projects.

   We appreciate the opportunity to provide latin communities wich have taken up the challenge of grow their business worldwide, making beauty spaces with the festive spirit transmitting the Latin American Art and Folklore.

Folcklor Latino®...for those who like to enjoy a memorable and unique atmosphere.

Pedro Moreno #162 Col. Centro,CP. 45400, Tonalá, Jalisco, México.

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